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For an elite lineup of channels in NH, choose DIRECTV — not cable TV

Do you secretly crave every pain staking minute of that cheesy reality show that if you’re friends knew you watched, would judge you relentlessly for? Or maybe you value that special night during the week when all of your favorite programs come on back to back, offering an entertainment extravaganza that puts you in a vegetative state of TV euphoria for the rest of the evening. No matter the case, without quality channel options, some of these “look forward to” moments wouldn’t exist.

With the amount you have to pay for cable TV with some cable companies today, it’s unfortunate that the channel options are often lackluster — especially compared to DIRECTV.

While DIRECTV offers all of your favorite local channels and standard networks, the real prize rests with the wealth of premium channels, sports options and the enticing ability to craft the ideal lineup for your NH family.

Don’t wait around for something that cable TV can’t give you. Take a closer look at DIRECTV channel options today to revitalize your home entertainment experience once and for all.

DIRECTV packages reveal a gold mine of channel options unlike cable television

Consider a life without choices. We’d all be wearing the same clothes, driving the same cars, eating the same food and working the same job. Reminiscent of an automated “drone society,” the world would be a very unattractive place to inhabit. Fortunately, we do have choices — and plenty of them. So, why would you constrict yourself when it comes to choosing a bountiful home entertainment package like you’re forced to do with cable TV?

With DIRECTV packages, you gain access to a multitude of options — each one rich with a unique collection of channels and features specific to your viewing preferences and budget.

DIRECTV delivers five solid options for you to choose from in NH. Whether you're in Concord or elsewhere, each DIRECTV package offers something unique while maintaining a streamline sense of quality and value. Your DIRECTV package options include:


With each package, your favorite local channels are always included. Plus, each DIRECTV package offers access to premium channels free for three months. All four premium channels (HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, Cinemax®) are included for three months with the PREMIER™ package.

DIRECTV packages also allow for the addition of premium sports options. You can choose to add DIRECTV exclusives like NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ MAX or NASCAR HotPass™ at your request. Plus, DIRECTV offers an entire playbook of additional sports options so that you’re never too far from the hard-hitting competitive action that you crave. DIRECTV does offer the most HD sport options in the business, after all.

Kick cable TV to the curb and settle in with DIRECTV today

You deserve the best in home entertainment for your New Hampshire home. Don’t rid yourself of the technology, premium channels, quality service and support that DIRECTV can offer. Putting your trust in cable companies will only let you down in the long run.

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